Rental Property Inspections: Essential Tips for Landlords in St. George, UT

Rental Property Inspections: Essential Tips for Landlords in St. George, UT

How would you feel if your rental investment was falling into disrepair and you didn't know anything about it? Unfortunately, this could lead to you having to pay costly repair bills and it can even make it difficult to find new tenants.

But by performing rental property inspections, you can reduce the chances of harm coming to your rental home. The key is to know how to go about completing these audits in a professional and organized manner.

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Determine When You'll Conduct Property Inspections

Firstly, you need to think about when you'll carry out property inspections, and this isn't always an easy decision. If you have a great long-term tenant who has always treated your home well, then half-yearly or even annual audits may seem reasonable. However, if you have new renters, it might be prudent to conduct quarterly inspections until you are happy they are looking after your property.

As well as routine property inspections, you should be ready to perform emergency audits. This may be necessary after a storm that could have caused damage.

By being flexible, you can look after your property properly without interrupting your tenants too often.

Use A Rental Property Inspection Checklist

A checklist is a core part of your landlord inspection guide as it helps you to be thorough and consistent. It's good practice to have an audit list for each room and also outside your rental home. You can then tick off items in each section as you review them.

For example, you'll need to ensure there are no loose wires and that the heating system works. As part of your rental property management inspection checklist, you'll also want to look for wear and tear and signs of dampness.

Remember that it's always better to be meticulous rather than miss an issue that could be a health and safety risk.

Document Your Findings

Keeping documentation is one of the most crucial rental inspection tips. You never know if a tenant will dispute your report, and you need to be able to prove your findings.

This may be in a situation such as your tenant denying there was damage to the property on a certain date. If you have date-stamped photographs, these will confirm your claim.

Having reports available will also help you determine if your property condition is declining over time. This will allow you to carry out tasks such as freshly painting the rooms to bring them back up to standard.

Conduct Professional Rental Property Inspections

Conducting rental property inspections is not something to be taken lightly. If you don't spot serious issues, or accuse a tenant of causing damage that wasn't their fault, this could create unnecessary problems.

By hiring a specialist who has the experience and skills to inspect your property professionally, you can rest assured that your rental investment will be in safe hands. As a locally owned and operated company, PMI St. George offers expert rental inspections that can give you peace of mind.

Get in touch with our friendly team today and we'd be delighted to tell you more about our St. George, UT, property inspection services.