Tenant Background Checks: A Compliance Guide for Landlords in St. George, UT

Tenant Background Checks: A Compliance Guide for Landlords in St. George, UT

You might not think St. George, Utah, has tenant eviction issues, but evictions are a problem across the USA. In fact, about 1 million tenants get evicted every year.

If you're a landlord wanting to avoid income disruptions, doing a thorough tenant background check is key. So what's involved? Keep reading to learn more.

Utah Tenant Screening Laws

Utah is unique compared to other states since tenant screening fees have no limit. This lets you set prices that truly match screening costs. Security deposits are non-refundable, and written consent from applicants is a must.

Doing a Tenant Background Check

When looking for tenants, take steps to find the best ones for your property. Start with income verification, like a credit score check. Also, peek at their paystubs to make sure they can pay rent.

Avoid problematic tenants by checking criminal history. A background check may reveal information missed in a credit check. In Utah, landlords can deny applications based on criminal history, but you'll need to know the offense and how it relates to the tenancy.

You'll also need to ensure you don't discriminate against protected classes, or you'll face legal trouble. Get familiar with the Fair Housing Act to know what counts as discrimination. Claiming a lack of knowledge of the law isn't going to help you in a discrimination case.

Why Do These Background Checks?

So, why do a background check on a potential tenant? One of the main reasons is for safety and security purposes. When you do a background check, you'll possibly learn things about a potential tenant's past behavior.
If there's a history of them causing damage to their accommodations, you probably don't want to rent to them.

There's also the issue of financial reliability. As a landlord, you make the most income when you have reliable tenants who look after the property and pay rent on time. When you do a background check, you significantly increase the chances of finding this kind of person.

When you take the time to find only the best-quality tenants, you'll also find your tenants tend to stay longer. A tenant who pays on time, looks after the place, and stays for a long time is a dream for any landlord, and by doing extensive background checks, you can be more sure that you've found this ideal kind of tenant.

Finding a Tenant Screening Service

Digging up tenant background info can be tough. You need to know the fundamentals of criminal and credit checks, plus you also need to stay on top of tenant screening laws.

To get the best information while playing by the rules, it's smart to work with a professional tenant screening service. These services give you quick results at a fair price, easing your mind and freeing up time to focus on landlord duties.

PMI St. George is here for you. We're known for helping landlords get the lowdown on potential tenants. Want to learn more about our tenant background check magic? Contact us today to learn more about how we operate.